We understand that each of our industry areas pose unique challenges for identification, security & communication. Implementing solutions for these business areas must model the business processes themselves, taking into account the way that people do their jobs everyday and provide solutions that enhance their ability to do their jobs well.

VerantID provides the following industry solutions:

» ScanID (Financial markets)
» AutomotiveID (Automotive markets)
» TruHRpro (Human Resources)


ScanID was developed to meet the needs of the financial market. This solution allows financial institutions to set up new accounts by scanning a customer’s driver license. The system operates standalone or has an API interface to integrate into the institution’s core software, so updates to the banking database are automatic. Setting up new accounts is faster and more accurate. It also saves your customer time and is fully compliant with Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act. More...

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AutomotiveID was designed to bring convenience to automotive customers and to protect dealerships from the ever-present dangers of fraud. In addition, AutomotiveID assists dealerships in complying with Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act by comparing the dealerships’ customers to a government-supplied database. It also helps the dealership meet the government’s Do Not Call regulations. More...

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TruHRpro was developed in conjunction with Tru Backgrounds, which has the most comprehensive employment screening services available. TruHRpro allows the client to request any number of background check reports using information directly retrieved from a driver’s license or social security card. This greatly speeds up the process for requesting background checks, and also eliminates any possible typos that often occur with data entry. TruHRpro can also electronically capture and store the signature on the required background check consent form, which eliminates the need to store hard copies.

Visit TruHRpro.com to learn more.

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